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Artificial Intelligence Nano Degree

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I started the Udacity Artificial Intelligence Nano Degree last month.

Project 1, Sudoku Solver

  • This post helpful for building a sudoku solver.

The Sudoku Solver was a fun project. I enjoy learning by writing code to make tests pass, like Ruby Katas.

Project 2, Isolation Game

  • This application is useful for visualizing alpha beta pruning.
  • This is a good introduction to the minimax function and alphabeta pruning.

Creating an algo to play an Isolation Game is much more complicated than the first project and was very frustrating to build. Unlike the first project, there is barely a test framework to follow. You push your methods to a remote Udacity server which gives feedback about test failures. This development cycle is difficult to debug because you can neither use a debugger nor get print output.

Writing a synopsis for a research paper is also required for the project. I chose to write about AlphaGo. I cannot understand the math proofs in the paper, so understanding the paper took several took several attempts.