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One can run into some cataclysmic errors trying to setup and deploy an Octopress account. Personally, I kept raking new themes from Github to my Octopress account and finally, my blog broke. In order to keep the same url, I deleted my Github repository and recreated an Octopress account.

Things I learned


$ subl .

This saves so much time. The code snipped will open the entire current directory in your terminal.

Now, things are going well and I begin to play with some HTML, CSS and JS code. I stumbled upon this gold nugget. Sweet animated clouds here.

...and a tutorial to recreate animated clouds by the author here.

It was loads of fun messing with the CSS and JS source code and I manipulated the code into this:

Awesome! I created this a massive randomly generated semi-transparent smiley face. Now, how do I implement this information to Octopress? The CSS ans JS code is hard core and I do not understand how works very well. What do I do now?

Bonsai JS is a Javascript graphics library with step-by-step tutorials on how to implement all sorts of useful code such as rendering shapes, gradients and animation. It also has a built in editor to play with said code. With the editor and tutorials I can quickly learned how to do code graphics with JS. An example of what can be created with Bonsai is below.

Sweet. Thanks to my fellow Flatiron students who helped me along the way!

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