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I ran into difficulties trying to find a way to implement jQuery in a modal. It is not possible to use remote: true in a form_tag with Twitter Bootstrap. I successfully used the Gon Gem in order to remove elements from the DOM when an instance variable reached a certain number. If you find yourself in the position of needing to remove elements from a modal, this gem seems to be the way to go.

{% codeblock user_controller.rb lang:ruby %}

def create
  @user = User.new(params[:user])

  if @user.save

    @day_one_counter = []
    @day_one_counter = User.pluck(:time1)

    #@day_one_counter outputs an array of elements from the :time1 column. => ["11:00", "11:00", nil, nil, nil]

    b = Hash.new(0)

    @day_one_counter.each do |v|
      b[v] += 1

    #the block increments the key/value pairs in the instantiated Hash. => {"11:00"=>2, nil=>3}

    @time1 = b["11:00"]
    gon.time1 = @time1

    #@time1 pulls out the value of the pair => 2
    #gon.time1 => 2, in order to use the @time1 instance variable in users.js

    @time2 = b["11:20"] 
    gon.time2 = @time2

    @time3 = b["11:40"]
    gon.time3 = @time3

    render :time
    render :new

{% endcodeblock %}

This is a conintuation of the Pluck Method from my last blog post. For an overview of what is happening, read the comments provided above. With the gone.time1 variable, I can now use jQuery in my users.js file in order to remove elements from the DOM that go over a given number, in this case 5.

{% codeblock users.js lang:js %}

if (gon.time1 > 4) {

if (gon.time2 > 4) {

{% endcodeblock %}

...and the form

{% codeblock _time1.html.erb lang:ruby %}

<%= form_for @user do |f| %>
    <div class='wrapper1' id='pad'>11:00 A.M. <%= f.radio_button(:time1, '11:00') %><br /><%= 5 - @time1 unless @time1 == nil %> spots remaining.</div> 
    <div class='wrapper2' id='pad'>11:20 A.M. <%= f.radio_button(:time1, '11:20') %><br /><%= 5 - @time2 unless @time2 == nil %> spots remaining.</div>
    <div class='wrapper'><%= f.radio_button(:time1, 'No time.') %>  Interested but not available during these times. Please inform me of future conversation opportunities.<br /></div>
<%= f.hidden_field :day, :value => 'July 10' %>
<button class="btn btn-inverse" type="submit"class="actions">Submit</button>
<% end %>

{% endcodeblock %}

Since the @time1 instance variable and therefore, gon.time1 are saved after my create action, the applicable time is > 4 if I want a total of 5 elements for a particular time on my :time1 column. The next time the modal is visited, the element will be removed!

I am so excited I found this gem and got my modal to work correctly! Also, a thanks for Railscast for the tutorial on the gem.

Passing Data to Javascript

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