Purposefully, I began using Vim during a non-strenuous work week which helped manage frustration. I have been using solely Vim as a text editor for two weeks and have experienced improved efficienies over my previous text editor, Sublime.


The ability to change between files quickly using the Ctrl-P plugin is the biggest quality of life increase. Commands such as / and ? make finding word matches in a file easy. Using RSpec with Vim is also great; I can change my code and re-run a single test without switching screens! There are many small wins with using Vim and they add up.

Pain Points

Adding new files does not work if the directory does not exist. The mkdir plugin solves this issue. Furthermore, commenting out code is a pain without vim-commentary. Checking my vimrc file into version controller has been helpful in debgging where breaking changes originate.

More Resources

Vim Awesome

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